After working several hours attending to your patients the chances that you will want to sit by the phone all night are slim to none. Even if you hire a secretary to work off-hours, they might not be able to answer every single call. After you go home you should be prepared for potential calls by hiring a telephone answering service. Take every single call with your telephone answering service in North Carolina.

Why Does Your Medical Practice Need a Telephone Answering Service in North Carolina?

As a medical professional it is important to offer consistent and personalized services to all of your patients in NC. More importantly you need an efficient telephone answering service that can respond to your patients when you aren’t around. When you choose TASCO Message Center for your medical practice’s telephone answering service in North Carolina, you will be getting the best in telephone answering service available. With TASCO Message Center, you can forget about having a secretary stay after-hours and instead focus on the level of service you provide.

Telephone answering services have many benefits to offer. Some of the benefits of using a telephone answering service in North Carolina include:

  • Saving money

Time is money and every minute your staff spends on the phone is a minute that could have been devoted to more significant tasks. When you hire TASCO for a telephone answering service in NC you will begin to run your office more efficiently.

  • Meeting HIPAA requirements

Patient privacy is vital and a requirement by the government. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all patients’ health data should be confidential and carefully guarded. TASCO understands the importance of keeping this data secure and can be trusted with your patient records.

  • Ready for emergencies

When an emergency occurs, being prepared is key. With TASCO, we understand that your medical practice in North Carolina may be closed when a hurricane or a snowstorm strikes but we can still answer your phone lines even if you can’t. We also offer additional emergency communication, such as emergency alert systems that can update your employees and patients through mass, pre-recorded voice or text messages.

  • Keep records

Medical information is sensitive, therefore it is essential to keep all of your medical data safe. All calls made through TASCO’s telephone answering service are recorded and time-stamped, providing accurate records whenever needed.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

When you use TASCO’s telephone answering service in North Carolina you will create a more satisfying patient experience. Your patients will spend less time on hold and more time getting the answers and the help they need.

Choose TASCO for Your Telephone Answering Service in North Carolina

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to having a telephone answering service for your medical practice. An even bigger benefit is to have an answering service provided by the best in the business. When you choose TASCO Message Center for your telephone answering service in North Carolina you and your patients will be connected to the best! Contact us today!

Since 1938, TASCO has provided businesses and medical practices of all sizes with message center answering services and communication services that meet the specific needs of each individual client. To Learn more about our live phone answering services, click here.