As a physician, phone calls are an important part of your practice. Patients need to have a way to get in touch with you at all times, but it is unrealistic to be accessible 24/7. This is where a telephone answering service can be a lifesaver. If are considering telephone answering services in Baltimore, read on for a few reasons why it can be great for your practice.

Save Some Money

During office hours patients do not like being placed on hold for extended periods of time. However, if you only have one receptionist they will likely have to wait on the phone. Many offices pay for two or more receptionists to avoid this issue. With a telephone answering service you can reduce the number of employees, provide better service, and cut costs.

Give Patients 24 Hour Access

As mentioned, when you have an answering service you never need to worry about missing a call from patients. They can get in touch with live, trained people that are able to answer simple questions. Alternately, when the question is not so simple, they can page you or another physician in the practice. This helps you cater to your patients and makes them feel more protected in your care.

Happier Patients

Of course, all of this service also leads to happier patients. Patients that feel heard are more likely to stick with a practice versus one that makes them sit on hold through robot messaging. An answering service helps get scheduling issues out of the way quickly and reduces overall hold time since patients aren’t waiting on busy receptionists to find the time to talk to them.

Easy Appointment Booking

Office staff should be handling patients that are in the office and need immediate attention. When they also have to juggle phone calls, someone is always left waiting, leading to patient dissatisfaction. If you choose an answering service like TASCO our agents will take care of appointment booking for you. They will manage all appointments that are made over the phone freeing up an incredible amount of time for your staff.

Flawless Record Keeping

Every call is carefully recorded to ensure that patient’s needs are met while their medical records are kept confidential. All HIPPA laws are carefully followed by our professional answering service. Stop dealing with all of the paperwork and mundane office details on your own, and consider looking into professional answering services provided by TASCO today. Contact us for more information.