Heating and air conditioning professionals provide a valuable service, a service many depend on for comfort and for sustaining health. Heat and air conditioning units are impacted by extreme weather, and when they shut down calls pour in, customers suffering from high heat or frigid conditions, the elderly, those suffering from asthma, parents with infants, all in need help fast, they have to reach you, they need to talk to a living person. Leaving a message on a voicemail will not do. Nothing can be more frustrating for a customer in distress.

TASCO Message Centers act as a lifeline to your customers while ensuring that you never miss another call. TASCO Message Centers provide a live answering service for HVAC contractors. Every call is handled by a friendly well-trained operator utilizing the latest in communications technology. Services include:

24/7/365 Live Personalized Answering

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year TASCO Message Centers provide prompt and professional answering of your customer’s calls, as well as messaging and dispatch services. No gaps, no delays, no drops, no more frustrated customers.

Personalized Notification

Every customer will be greeted by an expert trained to help, and you will receive a detailed description of the call allowing you to reach out to your customer with full knowledge of their particular problem. How and when you receive the information is up to you based on your preferences. HVAC alerts can be dispatched immediately at any time day or night, sent directly to you via cell phone call, text message, pager, or email.

Improved Scheduling and WorkForce Logistics

Every telephone call into TASCO is documented, including the time received and the content of the call, information you’ll have access to as a TASCO client that will afford the ability to adjust the allotment of staff and service schedules. This means reduced operating costs, and reduced costs mean a healthier bottom line.

Prompt and informed communication with your customers is key to the success of any business. Happy customers are those who feel you care about their needs and are attentive to their problems. A live answering service is an essential tool for HVAC professionals. For more information contact TASCO Messaging Centers.