Patients in and out and the day-to-day tasks required for running a medical practice makes doctors’ offices very busy places. Thankfully, answering service companies can help medical offices. If your practice is looking for answering service companies in North Carolina, discover TASCO. We provide medical professionals with a variety of benefits. Here’s how:

It is Important for Medical Offices to Answer All Incoming Calls

Medical offices are at the forefront of the medical field. Regardless of the specialty of the office, every call must be answered to ensure each patient’s needs are met, especially appointment scheduling. Whether a patient is experiencing an emergency, has a general question, or needs advice, they appreciate prompt service from knowledgeable people answering the phone.

How Can TASCO Help Medical Offices?

TASCO provides a variety of benefits for medical offices, including:

  • 24-hour live answering
  • Voicemail services
  • Emergency dispatch services
  • Crisis centers
  • Hospice care services
  • Email-messaging

At TASCO, we excel in making patients, customers, and clients feel comfortable while addressing their needs. We understand how hectic medical offices can be, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our professionals at TASCO can manage your appointments, giving your staff more time to address the needs of your patients while they’re in the office. Having efficient appointments helps you improve patient flow and enhances communication. Plus, efficient appointments also help eliminate the need for overtime.

Missing a patient’s call is unacceptable, and so are long hold times. When you miss a patient’s phone call, you’re sending the impression that your patients are not your top priority, which leads them to explore other options.

Addressing the Needs of Medical Offices with Answering Service Companies in North Carolina

TASCO provides multiple services, including medical healthcare specialists. We provide appointment setting, dispatch to hospice care services, emergency communication, and critical care. Each of these services improves your business and ensures you can be there for your patients when they need you.

Your patients need you more now than they ever have. Make sure you can be there for them whenever they need you; however, they need you. TASCO provides valuable services that benefit your medical office and your patients. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help.