When patients call a doctor or medical office, most times there are nurses, receptionists, and doctors working hard to answer the phone. But, even if the office is at its busiest, it is important to ensure the best patient experience and that begins with answering the call. As a medical professional, it is important to take care of your patient questions, schedule appointments, and address their medical needs right away. When you use a medical call answering service, your patients will talk to a live representative of your practice no matter how busy the office is.

Looking for a Medical Call Answering Service? Choose TASCO Message Center

TASCO Message Center’s employees are professionally trained operators. We want to ease the burden of phone communications for all sizes of practices, from individual operations to large medical groups. We have trained our medical operators so your patient’s privacy is always protected. We take all federal regulations seriously and follow all compliance instructions. If you have specific requirements or policies for your practice, we make a note of that so that our staff can deliver consistent, accurate information to your patients.

By using a medical call answering service, you aren’t just saving time but also improving efficiency by answering patient incoming calls and queries. TASCO Message Center can also provide appointment reminder services to reduce the number of no-shows. This service alleviates the pressure on your in-office staff so that they can better care for the patients in the office. When you choose a live reminder service, instead of a computerized phone system, you can help your patients resolve questions and/or concerns regarding their appointment or insurance with ease and convience.

When you use TASCO’s receptionists, you will be able to filter wrong numbers, solicitation calls, and facilitate prompt service for those with medical needs. When you use TASCO a medical call answering service, you aren’t just employing one person to answer dozens of calls per day because we use the appropriate volume of staff needed to handle the number of calls you are receiving, ensuring that your patients speak with a real person every time without long hold times, busy signals, or frustrating phone trees.

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Patient care should be both personal and fast. When you choose a medical call answering service, you will ease some of the pressure from your in-office staff and improve your patient’s overall experience. TASCO can work with any size business: from single practices to large medical groups. If you need a medical call answering service, contact the professionals at TASCO Message Center today.

Since 1938, TASCO has provided businesses and medical practices of all sizes with message center answering services and communication services that meet the specific needs of each individual client. To Learn more about our live phone answering services, click here.