While you’re busy cutting and dying hair, you may find it difficult to answer incoming phone calls. Hiring a receptionist may be too expensive but answering the phone calls is vital to your business. Why not opt for a live phone answering service in Virginia from TASCO Message Centers? You won’t have to spend time and money training a receptionist or neglect a client’s hair to answer the calls yourself.

Never Miss Another Customer Call

New and existing clients appreciate prompt, knowledgeable people answering the phone. Our professional staff tailors our service your specific needs. Whether you want us to use a personalized message or route your messages and calls, we can handle it all. When new clients call to book an appointment, and their phone call is missed, it deters them from calling back. If an existing customer’s call is not answered, it’ll leave the impression that they are not a top priority. Answering all phone calls is extremely important because it lets clients know that you care.

We know that scheduling appointments are one of the most important tasks in the business. It’s what keeps it running. When you don’t have to worry about taking calls, you can spend more time with your clients, improving your relationship with them. This can turn walk-ins into regulars. Let our staff take and manage your appointments so your stylists can be free to handle clients that are in the salon. We can set, change, or cancel appointments for your clients during and after business hours. This flexibility can lead to an increase in business. Lastly, sometimes clients call with urgent messages. Our phone service will immediately relay the message to you.

Need a Live Phone Answering Service Virginia?

Since 1938, TASCO has provided businesses of all sizes with answering services that meet the specific needs of each client. We are a regional provider of messaging and contact center services with a broad service area ranging from the mid-Atlantic to the Midwest and down to the Carolinas. For more information, contact us!