On average, a business misses almost a third of its calls. Even if you return a missed call, you may have lost that customer. So, you’re potentially losing thousands of dollars in sales revenue every year! Not to mention the lifetime value that those customers could have brought if they became loyal clients. The plumbing industry is no exception. People call plumbers to schedule an appointment or to discover appointment availability and price range. Ensure you never miss a call again by using TASCO Message Centers. We offer our live answering service in Virginia and beyond!

Why Plumbers Need an Answering Service

While many industries are seeing more people booking online, the plumbing industry has been an exception. Customers still prefer to call their plumbers. People often call plumbers in a state of urgency. They’re dealing with a burst pipe, leaks, or some other type of plumbing issue that requires immediate attention. They want to get on the phone with a live person so they can:

  • Find out the next appointment time
  • Get instructions on what they should do right now (such as turning off the water supply)
  • Find out an estimate for the cost of the repairs
  • Learn an answer to what the problem may be

If you miss the phone call, it’s no doubt that the anxious customer is just going to call the next plumber on their list. By the time you return their phone call, they likely already have an appointment with another plumber. A missed phone call equals a lost sale.

Another point to consider is emergency plumbing. Any reputable plumber advertises and offers 24/7 emergency services to their clients. Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time, including 4:00 a.m., so you need to be there for your clients. If you advertise emergency plumbing but don’t pick up the phone in the middle of the night, you will leave a negative impression on potential clients who are desperate for help. A live answering service can ensure your customers always receive an answer, no matter what time of day they reach out.

How TASCO’s Live Answering Service in Virginia Can Help

TASCO provides a live answering service for plumbing companies throughout Virginia, Washington, DC, Baltimore and North Carolina. We offer friendly, professional staff who will answer calls any time day or night. The staff is trained to know how to answer any of your customer’s questions.

By outsourcing your phone calls, you can be out on the job while TASCO’s trained staff grows your business. Your profits will increase as you make contact with all leads and current customers that call in. Additionally, your customer satisfaction will go up.

TASCO offers voice mail services, 24-hour live answering, advertising response, and more. Contact us today for more details on how our services can help your business grow.