Running a medical practice means that you always need to stay on top of incoming calls. Miss patient calls and you miss business. In a market where competition is stiff, efficient practice processes enable the business to meet patient demand. Thankfully, hiring a professional medical answering service in Raleigh NC translates into relief from some of the pressures faced in this fast-paced environment. Harnessing innovative technology and services means improved employee satisfaction, better patient management, and adds to the bottom line.

Importance of Capturing All Incoming Calls

Medical practices are busy places. Patients constantly calling to make appointments, change or cancel appointments, check on their prescriptions and follow up on test results. Missing calls leaves patients wondering whether they have entrusted their health to the right medical practice.

Losing messages and miscommunications are other problems experienced in this demanding environment. Medical practices are not the place where mistakes should be made when it comes to patient care.

Benefits of a Professional Calling Service

Medical practices achieve goals when they outsource incoming calls. An investment in an external call management service reaps a multitude of benefits. Costs, energy, and time can be utilized at a premium allowing your staff members to stay focused on in-office tasks.

Delegating calls by using a professional answering service is an excellent strategy to streamline services. Patient flow along with communication improve vastly once you add the consistency of a message center.

Additionally, patient care is managed in a nurturing manner, leading to better retention and practice referrals. Plus, you gain improved scheduling, group bookings and appointment confirmation. Physicians and staff members can concentrate their energies where it counts most, on their patients.

Doctors’ Answering Service in Raleigh NC: The TASCO Solution

TASCO Message Centers provides an array of services that help streamline the process of incoming calls for the busy medical practice. Dedicated, highly trained TASCO employees take care of the following responsibilities so that your staff members can emphasize patient care:

  • Seamless appointment setting
  • Critical care
  • 24/7 emergency communications
  • Dispatch to hospital care services

Count on our over 80-years of experience in managing incoming calls to help you streamline your office practices. Contact TASCO today for a strategic solution for your medical practice that captures all incoming patient calls.