Do you have a medical practice and need an emergency answering service in Raleigh? Whether or not your practice is growing or comfortably maintaining size, you probably understand the stress that comes with having to answer calls while still running your practice. The need to constantly and consistently answer calls is part of the bigger picture if you are to operate a successful medical practice. Having an efficient system is key and requires that you ensure that your team is skilled and competent enough to handle the pressure when the calls continually roll in.

Influx of Calls? Find an Emergency Answering Service in Raleigh Now!

There are many reasons why a medical practice has an influx of calls. People tend to wake up in the morning feeling sick and may need immediate medical attention to determine if they have to stay home from school or work. Another time for an influx of calls is when school lets out, parents may find that their child has been sick all day and they need to take them to the doctor. Some people also wake up in the middle of the night and feel unsure if they should wait it out or seek emergency care due to sudden illnesses. Aside from specific times of day, medical practices often have their own “busy” hours in which a emergency medical answering service would be beneficial.

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Why Can’t I Let the Calls go to the Answering Machine?

Medical practice is a competitive business, which means that if you fail to be prompt in responding, you will lose out on patients. Many people are impatient and if their call goes unanswered they will call the next number on the list. People expect fast responses when it comes to consultation on medical issues. When you have a reputation of answering all calls people will share your information with their friends and family. There is nothing like a medical practice that goes out of their way to show they care.

Why Hire an Emergency Answering Service When I Have My Staff?

When your staff is busy answering other calls, returning calls to patients, checking patients in, and the like, there is a good chance that calls are going unanswered. While some of these calls may be non-emergency based, some might require an immediate response. You need a company that is experienced in handling these calls as your put their energy into maintaining the smooth flow of day-to-day business. A trained emergency answering service can help your patients when they need help the most.

TASCO is the Company for You

TASCO is a company that has specialized in managing calls especially during emergency or middle of the night hours. They have skilled and competent operators trained to handle such calls and will customize their services to make it appear as if the phone operations services are directly from your medical practice. This ensures that the customer loyalty remains in your business by building your brand.

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