When there’s an emergency you want your customers to be able to get in contact with you quickly. We understand that there is nothing more important in your business than maintaining satisfied customers. If you are looking for live emergency dispatch services TASCO Message Centers can help. Our staff can help you answer every call and dispatch the appropriate person to your customers. Our staff will be briefed on your business to ensure that the live emergency dispatch service accurately portrays your business and goes off without a hitch.

What Comes with TASCO’s Live Emergency Dispatch Services?

High-Quality Customer Service: Our service area spans from the mid-Atlantic to the Midwest and the Carolinas. When you choose our live emergency dispatch services operators will offer you and your customers the best customer service while using modern technology. Our highly trained professional staff will treat your customers with highest level of customer service.

Customized To Your Needs: Not all customers are the same and not all business are either. TASCO understands that each company’s emergency services vary, let the professionals at TASCO provide you with live emergency dispatch services suited to your needs. We understand that every business is different, so we customize your live emergency dispatch services to match your business.

Depending on your business, your customers might need to get in touch with you for emergency services. When you have a 24/7 call answering service that also offers a live emergency dispatch service you are able to send a worker to your customer’s home or business right away. Don’t worry if you are unable to answer the phone, you are covered with our live answering services. When you use a live emergency dispatch service, you are notified appropriately if we are sending a co-worker out to the job or scheduling them for an appointment.

TASCO Message Centers can also help you with:

  • Credit card processing
  • E-mail messaging
  • Toll-free numbers
  • 24/7 hour live answering

When you add email messaging, TASCO will send an automatic email response to your customers once the service has been scheduled or completed. This is a fast and convenient way to gain customer feedback. When you choose to use a toll-free number you are allowing your customers to get access to your business without an additional charge, which is great! And when you use our live emergency dispatch services you can get 24/7 hour live answering, which is another way to take your customers calls all the time without using an automated machine.

Choose TASCO for Live Emergency Dispatch Services

At TASCO Message Centers, we can provide your company with the lines of communication to maintain in contact with your customers so you can spend time serving them and not answering the phone. By using a live emergency dispatch service, you are freeing yourself from answering every phone call while still ensuring that when your office is busy someone will answer the phone to serve your customers.

From general phone answering services to live emergency dispatch services, TASCO has your emergency communication needs covered. If your business needs live emergency dispatch services, contact TASCO today. 


Since 1938, TASCO has provided businesses and medical practices of all sizes with message center answering services and communication services that meet the specific needs of each individual client. To Learn more about our live phone answering services, click here.