An emergency dispatch service is a call answering service that is able to offer notifications and contact the appropriate authorities on your company’s behalf in the event of a customer or local emergency.

Not only does this service save time, it also makes your company’s emergency management more organized and efficient.

  • 24/7 Availability

Even in the best of times, you can’t be expected to answer every phone call your company receives. Never mind taking calls during an emergency.

Clients want excellent customer service. They also want reassurance during difficult situations.

In the event of an emergency, the 24/7 availability of TASCO’s messaging center professionals will allow you to steady your company while offering the support that you need.

  • Professionalism at All Times

As much as we may want everyone to always be calm and collected when calling, during an emergency situation, people are going to be stressed.

Depending on your service area, however, these phone calls may be the most extensive interaction that people have with your company. An emergency isn’t the time to start acquiring a bad reputation.

TASCO’s automated messaging centers are staffed with professionals in every sense of the word. Our staff will stay calm at all times while guiding customers through your emergency protocols.

  • Immediate¬†Execution of Your Protocols

During an emergency, time is of the essence.

A delay of even just a few minutes can be the difference between a successful outcome and a tragic one.

As a business owner you might be asking yourself if it’s even possible for an outsourced call answering service to manage an emergency in accordance with what you would expect from your own employees.

TASCO answers this question with a resounding yes.

Staffed with experienced customer service professionals who will follow your guidelines for dispatching emergency services, TASCO will be able to not only take emergency calls on your behalf, but will be able to see that your protocols are followed to the letter every time.

Choose TASCO For Your Emergency Dispatch Service and Automated Answering Service Needs

As a business owner, you never want to imagine your company facing a major emergency. But if history has proven anything, it’s that it’s better to be prepared and never have to deal with a catastrophe, than to have no plans in place at all.

Contact us to learn more about our emergency dispatch services today.

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