Are you looking for a service to receive your calls and messages when you are out of the office? TASCO is a business phone answering service in Baltimore that helps companies with customer engagement. We answer your calls and take messages when you are unavailable; maintaining your high standards of customer service.

Professional Service

TASCO trains every staff member on how to handle calls professionally. They are taught business etiquette, courtesy, and individual company protocols. Our agents understand all the services and products offered by different businesses and give nuanced responses to callers depending on their needs. All the personnel working on dispatch assignments are qualified to handle emergencies and other tasks associated with a particular client. We use the latest communication technologies for contact and even voicemail and messaging.

TASCO Grows Your Business

Sometimes picking up a phone call may be the difference between winning a lucrative contract and missing out. TASCO Message Centers’ phone answering service prevents you from losing money by recording the conversation and allowing you to call back. Callers love speaking to a real person who knows the business and can provide valuable insights instead of talking to an indifferent voicemail system. The agent creates a detailed transcript of the conversation so that you can reach out to the customer for further engagement.

Marketing Services

TASCO offers both traditional and digital business answering service in Baltimore. The offerings include customer service, catalog sales, brochures, order taking, press releases, crisis centers, hospice care services, among others. Our digital marketing services include lead generation, email marketing, credit card processing, and handling advertising responses. Additionally, our staff can also create personalized messages crafted to suit the needs of different callers. With TASCO handling your calls, you do not need to hire a marketing agency.

Who Can Benefit From TASCO?

Because of our in-depth training program, our staff is able handle inquiries on just about any business. TASCO can handle calls and messages for general contractors, plumbing companies, HVAC contractors, healthcare service providers, and pest control companies.

If you are looking for a business phone answering service in Baltimore, call TASCO. For businesses of all sizes we offer flexible services to connect with your customers. We have decades of experience in providing answering services and has the capacity to cater for all your communication and emergency service needs. Contact us for more information.