Beginning with the first time someone calls your business they imagine that they know a lot about you. There’s much you can do to keep the impression positive. Most importantly, simply answer your phone. Show that you’re ready to talk and care about who’s calling. Second, answer your phone with a positive greeting. If you’re in traffic or on the job, you need to take a moment and compose yourself before answering. This is the critical first impression and will affect both the caller’s choices and also how they do business with you over time.

Don’t Be a Slave to Your Phone

There is an alternative to waiting by the phone — teamwork. You can have an experienced professional handle that first call and pass it on to you. Everyone who calls will get a friendly voice and a great initial contact. Additionally, you don’t have to be afraid to advertise because you fear missing new calls from potential customers. You can grow your business without getting swamped. Every caller gets a prompt answer and an impression that, yes, you want to talk business with them and get rolling.

When Your Trade Takes You Away From Your Phone

HVAC services, plumbers, and electricians have hard choices to make. Do you get out your phone on the job and answer a call from new customers? What about evening callers, or do you want to relax then? With someone to answer your incoming calls, you can actually be more responsive and effective. You’re in charge and working with a professional assistant. This means you don’t have to get interrupted while driving, picking up parts, or explaining the job to your apprentices. Crawling in an attic or under a building is hardly a good place to talk.

Outsource Your Call Handling and Take Charge of Your Time

Make a simple change to your business’ phone use and relax. TASCO provides knowledgeable phone answering services in Baltimore and beyond. You can trust that they will become your business presence for incoming callers. Stop worrying about missed first calls, awkward first impressions, and the challenges of handling both your phone and your work. Contact us to see what a positive, prompt phone presence can do for you.