Medical offices are extremely busy, and the hours continue even after the office has closed. Giving each patient enough time during the appointments is necessary and sometimes that can get difficult if there are too many phone calls to answer. TASCO, a business telephone answering service in Virginia, can assist you with your office’s everyday tasks and ease your workload.

Best Telephone Answering Service for Medical Offices

It’s important for medical offices to capture all incoming calls and that’s hard to do during busy days. An answering service will capture all incoming calls whether they’re during or after hours or even on holidays. If there is an emergency, the call will be forwarded to physicians.

Missing phone calls leave the impression that your patients are not a top priority which may prevent them from calling again or leaving a voicemail. Patients are the center of healthcare and their satisfaction is significantly important. Never miss a phone call again with an answering service that will provide 24-hour live answering.

Patients appreciate prompt, empathetic, knowledgeable people answering the phone rather than phone automation. TASCO answering service eliminates the possibility of patients speaking to a voicemail or robot and lend a compassionate voice and a helping hand instead.

Excellent record-keeping is another benefit. It’s important that records are accurate and organized, and we can help you with that.

Seamless appointment booking frees your office staff to handle patients that are in the office. Whether an appointment needs to be canceled, rescheduled, or scheduled, we can take care of this for you. Having more time with your patients will strengthen the patient-doctor relationship.

A business telephone answering service in Virginia eliminates the hiring and training process of additional staff as well which can be timely and costly.

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Since 1938, we have been assisting medical practices and offices with their daily duties while improving their businesses. We leave all clients with a good impression and a friendly welcome. Additionally, we offer voicemail services, advertising response, and emergency dispatch. For more information, contact us today!