The integration of the internet in our daily lives has led to an expectation of instant gratification. This is true as much in the business world as it is in our personal lives. When people call a company they expect an answer, otherwise they will move onto the next service provider. For a business, missing calls could be the number one reason you are missing out on new clients. If you want more customers, look into a business answering service in Baltimore to avoid missing phone calls.

Using Voicemail? You Could Be Losing New Customers

Did you know that 80% of callers hang up when they reach voicemail? Surveys that focus solely on business phone calls place that number between 50% and 75%. New clients have no loyalty to you. Therefore, if they need a service or have a question, they will just move onto the next provider with the click of a button. That is a lot of potential business to miss out on simply because you don’t have someone to answer the phone.

Voicemail Can Devalue the Experience of Current Customers

Current customers don’t like being sent to voicemail any more than new customers. Commonly business messages admit that it may be a few hours before a customer will get a return call. This type of experience can leave a bad taste in a customer’s mouth, influencing them to choose someone else next time. Small or local businesses that don’t have the manpower to provide a quick response on the phone can really suffer from missed opportunities.

Business Answering Service Helps Support New and Existing Customers

However, there is a solution that can work for everyone: a business answering service in Baltimore and other cities. Less than 1% of people will hang up when they reach a live person, making it worthwhile to pay for an answering service. Each call you answer is another potential consumer.

TASCO is a answering service that offers professional, trained staff members to answer your calls and more. Businesses can utilize us for customer service needs, media response, and appointment booking. We offer a wide variety of service plans designed to meet the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. Contact us for more information.