Lawyers juggle full schedules. Whether they spend time pursuing justice in criminal and civil courts, creating a variety of contracts or other specialties, full days are the norm. Consequently, they cannot be available to answer every phone call. TASCO provides busy lawyers with a comprehensive answering service in North Carolina, Washington DC, Baltimore and beyond. Essentially, our call services replace or complement existing functions, allowing lawyers to get on with what they do best.

Take Some Stress Out of Your Day

The legal world involves regular meetings with authorities, consultations with clients, and professional engagements. Lawyers fill their days with constant rounds of developing vital documents and acting in the interests of their clients. Some days leave little time to eat or take a breather.

Missing client calls when dealing with court matters or attending a meeting results in frustration for you and for your clients. Worse, missing important calls can cost more than just angering or losing a client. It can result in losing cases, contracts, or worse!

Thankfully, you can make an easy decision. Take one heavy-duty responsibility off your shoulders by working with a call answering service. Subcontract a professional service so you never miss a call again.

TASCO Offers You a Solution

Relief is readily available in the form of an answering service from TASCO Message Centers. We offer a 24/7 answering service that will never leave your clients or you in the lurch. TASCO has been in the business of providing answering service solutions for almost a century. Like lawyers who deliver a wide selection of client services, TASCO also offers a broad suite of customer-centric services.

Our employees undergo extensive training to make sure that your clients receive professional treatment. Calls are recorded, messages are transferred, voicemail is captured—all to promote a positive client impression when you are not available.

Contact an Answering Service in North Carolina Today

Looking for an answering service in North Carolina or beyond? Take advantage of our services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our team of experts is ready to schedule your appointments, take messages, and build a positive reputation from the first point of contact with new and existing clients. Contact us today for more information about the standard or customized services to boost your professional business and legal reputation.