Scheduling appointments, managing stylists and handling walk-ins is a lot to balance while running a salon. It can be stressful! The first impression potential customers get from a place of business is the interaction they have when calling for services. Ensuring that those calls get answered efficiently is crucial to a salon’s growth. If you have been looking for phone answering services for your salon, then Tasco Message Centers is the right place for you.

Skip the Recordings

When hiring a professional service like Tasco, clients get answers to their questions from a natural person as opposed to listening to recorded information. Offering exemplary 24-hour phone answering services for your salon, you are in for a chance to boost the flow of your customers.

Make a Good First Impression – More About Phone Answering Services for Salons

When dealing with a professional, clients will establish a personal touch and a good rapport with the salon’s representative. A professional is trained and versed in customer care, ensuring that the client feels valued and important to the business by the end of the conversation. Often times, stylists are juggling their appointments with answering the phones. Your stylists should be focused on doing what they do best. Let a professional answering service take care of the rest.

No More Unreturned Voicemails

Clients may get tired of leaving voicemails and wondering whether the company will return their phone call. This could result in them looking elsewhere for services. Speaking to a natural person will not only build customer confidence, it also allows for their problems or needs to be addressed right away.

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