Prompt, knowledgeable consultants answering the phone

When world governments enforced locked down on their respective countries to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, normal economic life as we know it was severely disrupted. All industries, scrambled to put measures in place to ensure that they could serve their customers remotely without losing out on the key aspects of customer service.

As a business owner, one of the most frustrating aspects is the inability to be everywhere all the time and missing out on important phone calls. In business first impressions last. Therefore it is of utter most importance to ensure your customers are handled by professional and knowledgeable people. This is where having a a service such as TASCO answering service is vital for your business performance. We offer a high quality, professional staff that will customize your needs.

Don’t risk losing business due to missed calls

You don’t want your calls ringing unattended, answered by a person who handles you customers unprofessionally or answered by a general voice recording. This can lead to:

  • Negative reviews – Word of mouth plays a huge role in a companies reputation and when disgruntled customers leave negative comments on reputable websites, it can have a dire effect on the business as a whole.
  • Loss of business opportunities – Even in these days of technology, people still prefer to speak to a human when conducting business. So even one phone call missed can prove to be the loss of a great business opportunity. With every missed call you could have potentially lost a customer to another business.
  • Loss of revenue – When customers calls are left unanswered, they will lose faith in doing business with you and take their funds elsewhere. This could also potentially affect existing clients who are already in your books.

We provide our and your customers with service and information through channels that are easy for them to access and digitally up-to-date.

TASCO answering service, provides efficient and cost-effective answer service for small businesses with 24/7 live answering, voice mail services, advertising response and more. Its one less thing to worry about.

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