While it can be difficult leading the hectic life of a plastic surgeon, it’s possible to reduce some of that stress with a live phone answering service for plastic surgeons. If you’re looking to make your business stand out, and are looking for reasons to go with a live answering service like TASCO, here are just a few.

Improve Customer Retention

By employing the services provided by TASCO Message Center, you’ll be given access to a team of professionally trained operators that are ready to make your practice shine to those calling in. Rather than have a potential customer get skittish after going straight to voicemail, you can send them straight over to a friendly operator both day and night, ready to set up appointments and leave your customers with a great impression. And it doesn’t just help with new customers, by providing a warm and inviting way to get in touch with you, your customers will come away with confidence in returning to your establishment.

Increase Efficiency, Decrease Overhead

If you’re a plastic surgeon, you know just how little time there is in a day. Whether you’re working with patients to provide the quality care they’ve come to expect from you or filling out paperwork, you can’t always be there to pick up the phone. That’s why TASCO handles it for you, freeing up your valuable time to work on more important matters. With our friendly and professional operators, we can help your customers set up appointments, and give them the information they need.. Not only that, but with the live phone answering service for plastic surgeons that TASCO provides, you can decrease costs as your business grows. Over time, as more people hear about your quality work, your business will start growing. When this happens, you’ll have to start employing more people just to handle the lines, and hiring an in-house receptionist can really break the bank.

Contact TASCO Today

Because of TASCO’s sole dedication to the phone service business, we can provide 24/7 service at a fraction of the cost. If you’re in need of quality service, our operators at TASCO Message Centers are standing by for your call!