Every individual calling a medical facility needs an immediate answer and care. Patients, regardless of their condition, should be given utmost attention. But not all medical offices can handle all of their patients’ needs at the same time. However, there is a solution. A professional answering service benefits doctors and patients by never missing a call. If your medical office or clinic needs a a live phone answering service in Baltimore, please read on. Discover how to capture all incoming calls and increase patient satisfaction.

Benefits of Live Phone Answering Service in Baltimore

24/7 performance

There are times in the middle of the day when your receptionist needs the support of a live phone answering service. Also, at night, your office could benefit from an after-hours answering service since most patients don’t want to leave a message on a voice mail or an answering machine. Having a live answering service is quite efficient and will manage your calls when you or your medical staff is not available.

User-friendly interface

Incorporating a live phone answering service is critical in comforting patients. It is reassuring to a patient to know that they can rely on the doctor’s answering service to meet their needs, day or night.

Seamless appointment scheduling

What could be more convenient and efficient than enabling a patient to schedule their own appointments over the phone? With a phone answering service, appointment booking is easy, freeing up precious time for your front desk receptionist.

Excellent record-keeping

Medical records are very sensitive and confidential; therefore, it’s essential to keep them safe. All calls made via a live phone answering service are recorded and time-stamped, providing accurate records.

Quality Service

Hiring the best live answering service company to manage your calls is crucial. Choose a cost-efficient and capable answering service, but keep in mind that they are responsible for managing your health care facility while you are unavailable. Discover TASCO Message Centers; we have been providing live phone answering services to physicians and other medical professionals since 1938. Our services include 24-hour live answering, e-mail messaging, voice mail services, and emergency dispatch services, among others.

By utilizing TASCO as your live phone answering service in Baltimore, you are guaranteed a maximum return on your investment, as well as happier patients and staff members. Contact us today for more information about our services.