An answering service should make communication within your business easier. Efficient communication is integral for the success of any business. There must be an effective way of ensuring that customers get answers when they need them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, potential customers may call when you are unavailable and as a result, their call may go unanswered and it can get worse when no message is taken. This leads to loss of business and it could be hindering the growth of your business. But there is something you can do about it!

Which answering service should I choose?

You can choose between automated answering and live answering services. Both have numerous advantages and disadvantages but live answering services are superior in the following ways.

With a Live answering service, all calls will get answered

Even with automated answering services, you will still miss some calls because not every caller is going to leave a message. One the other hand, live answering services ensure that there is always someone to answer each and every call that comes in whether it is on a holiday, weekend, or after business hours. Live answering service providers guarantee 24/7  live answering services availability.

Callers prefer talking to a live person

Have you ever been subjected to the ordeal of having to deal with an automated messaging system that did not give you the answers you were looking for? This is not unique to you; it is what most people are subjected to when you decide to use an automated answering system. This is why most people prefer live answering.

People want a communication system that that involve human connection and interaction. Live answering makes people feel valued. It also makes them have faith in your business. In a nutshell, live answering is superior insofar as establishing and maintaining your relationship with customers are concerned.

A Live answering service has Efficient Call Handling

Automated answering systems are programmed to receive and disseminate certain type of information. Sometimes, this can be a nightmare for callers looking for an answer whose option is not available. They can get stuck in a loop or even get disconnected. This can make your business lose clientele.

On the other hand, with live answering services, callers can talk to trained specialists with all the answers they are looking for. They can also handle other tasks such as;

  • Call routing
  • Provision of business information such as location, business hours etc.
  • Taking messages
  • Appointment Scheduling

Choose a Live answering service

In conclusion, it is apparent that having real people answering your phone is miles better than having automated machines. Thus, if you are focused on serving your customers, it is imperative that you don’t put your reputation at risk with automated answering services that fail to provide human connection leaving your customers frustrated; just go for a competent live answering service provider.

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