Does your business seem to be losing customers but you cannot really explain why? Customer care and how employees handle phone calls can directly impact your business clientele. If your customers are not happy, chances are, they will seek services elsewhere.  A professional phone answering service in Maryland can assure your business is not making some of very common mistakes when handling incoming phone traffic.

Inappropriate greeting

A formal welcome is key when handling business calls. Unfortunately, some companies rely on hasty or unprofessional replies. Poor salutation might make a potential customer feel pressured or have less regard for the company. Begin by introducing yourself, your company, and how you can help the caller as you slowly extend a kind welcome.

Forgetting a Customer Is On Hold

Businesses have been known to put customers on hold and then completely forget about them. Perhaps the company got busy, another customer may have called on a separate line, or another employee could have asked for the receptionists’ assistance.  Leaving a customer on hold too long could result in the customer hanging up and seeking service elsewhere.

Leaving Work Calls To Voicemail

Allowing calls to go to voicemail may result in lost opportunities for sales. Answering a call must be a top priority! When directed to voicemail, most people will not leave a message and may move on to the next business. This means you may have lost a potential customer to a competitor.

Benefits of Having a Professional Answering Service in Maryland

1. Capture every opportunity by serving as many clients and maintaining customer confidence
2. Increase your profits by improving customer support
3. Maintain good relations by allowing them to reach a real person with their problems
4. Allows you time to handle more physical and pressing issues concerning the business


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