Did you know a missed call could be a missed customer, which equals a missed opportunity?  The research found that 62% of business owners don’t answer phone calls. The backbone of every business is customer service. If a business misses customer calls, it affects its reputation and increases the chances of losing potential clients. Not missing a customer phone call shows the clients they are a top priority to your business. With excellent customer service, you’ll be able to get back to customers even after their call goes to voicemail.

A Missed Call is a Lost Business Opportunity

As aforementioned, a missed call is a missed business opportunity. These come with many consequences, including lost sales, negative reviews, and other long-term consequences. Without after-hours support, a missed call causes customer frustration, and they may call your competitors.

For instance, a missed call could be a loss of getting new business investors or doors to a new idea which could have been a potential half or one-year deal. There are so many competitors in the market these days, and customers cannot waste time but ring competitors immediately.

Connecting with potential customers creates a positive image for your brand or business. So, any missed call can cost your business in missed revenues, sales, and long-term relationships. The best deal is first to understand your customer’s journey. This way, your customer support team will understand customers’ feelings and needs and find the best way to answer their queries.

But why do businesses miss calls? The business is understaffed, busy, or customer support is yet to be prioritized. Lack of excellent customer service is a major cause of the previous two reasons. This is where message centers come in.

There is a Solution to Missed Calls

A message center combines a great team of virtual assistants who won’t allow missed calls, helping clients get in touch with you. By hiring a messaging center, excellent customer service is a guarantee. TASCO offers voice mail services, 24-hour live answering, advertising response, catalog sales, and other services tailored to your business.

If you have to take your business to another level through customer response, you can rely entirely on professional VA from messaging centers. You can link up with our team for more information.